COVID-19 Update

Pursuant to Governor Baker's orders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus ("COVID-19"), our office currently has limited staff pursuant to Phase IV Guidelines. We have a receptionist on site to answer your calls.


We will continue to work diligently on our cases and respond to the needs of our clients but will be doing so in large part remotely until circumstance change so as to permit a complete safe return for all employees to our physical office. This will apply to all of our administrative, secretarial and paralegal staff, as well as our attorneys.  

This will no doubt complicate our usual workflow in several ways, some foreseeable and some not. One foreseeable challenge is that it will be difficult to send physical correspondence, whether through the United States mail or by other private carrier. If you mail anything to our office, please duplicate by email as well. As for service of documents as required by law and procedural rules, we will be following the directives of the courts involved in our cases in suit.

Until further notice, please send all correspondence, discovery, and pleadings to the e-mails addresses of the lawyer handling your matter with a copy to his/her paralegal/assistant. 


If you wish to speak to any of our lawyers or staff, please call using the direct dial numbers listed on each attorney webpage, or call our main number, (508) 230-2500, and follow the prompts to leave a message if our receptionist is busy with another call.


We expect that our lawyers and staff will be able to monitor their voice mailboxes and e-mails respond to your as if they were working at the physical office, assuming the remote access equipment is not overwhelmed.  


Please be sure to leave the file number, claim number and your name and your number so that we can identify the matter to which the communication pertains and get back to you in the most responsive manner.  


If you need to exchange any large documents/files with us (such as videos or photographs or large productions of documents), please communicate with the recipient as to the best manner to transmit the material and confirmation of receipt.


If you are sending payment(s) to our firm, please continue to do so in the usual manner. Our mail is being checked daily and we can receive payment and credit files accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions you have. We will respond to them as soon as possible.

Thank you.